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How do I become a Professional JVA Registered Valuer®?

Education & CPD

Valuing membership is earned through extensive academic study with a depth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained from a minimum of 5 years’ full time employment in the jewellery, watch and/or silver sectors, which ensures all our members have the necessary skills and qualifications to meet our exacting standards.

The sign of a Professional JVA Registered Valuer
The prestigious 'V' of a JVA Registered Valuer®

In order to become a valuing member of the JVA, the applicant must hold recognised gemmological and diamond grading qualifications, a valuation appraisal qualification and have a minimum of 5 years experience within the jewellery industry. The prestigious title of JVA Registered Valuer® is awarded to successful applicants following the submission of a sample valuation portfolio to the JVA Accreditation Panel. Specialist valuing members must hold the relevant qualifications and/or experience in their chosen field.

All qualified JVA Registered Valuers are required to submit a sample valuation portfolio for Re-Accreditation every five years.

man looking into microscope.

In addition to our Valuing Members and Fellows, the JVA membership comprises Student, International and Associate categories. Retail Associate membership is available to those retailers who employ the services of an independent JVA Member/Fellow.

The differing levels of valuing and associate membership ensure that the JVA is inclusive to the jewellery industry, enabling a mutual sharing of knowledge and experience including the latest industry developments.

Continuing Professional Development is essential to maintain the high level of expertise and knowledge required of a JVA Registered Valuer®. For this reason, we deliver seminars, workshops and conferences to ensure that all our members are equipped with the up-to-date and relevant information required in an extremely fast developing jewellery industry.

Student member
Student member of the JVA

Student members are the lifeblood of the JVA and the Association recognises the importance of providing them with the best possible guidance towards becoming full valuing members or specialists. For this reason, every student member is designated an experienced valuing mentor to help them achieve their full potential.

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