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Dr. Çiğdem Lüle IMJVA

Kybele LLC’s primary appraiser, Çiğdem Lüle PhD, FGA, GIA GG is a mineralogist and an award winning gemologist. Unlike many jewelry appraisers, Kybele LLC, has experience in the intricate area of evaluating fine minerals and mineral collections.

Chicago JVA Registered Valuer ®


Independent, individual and personal ...

Kybele LLC is an appraisal and consulting company specializing in the evaluation of jewelry, gems, and minerals. We focus on providing individual attention and independent opinion of value to our clients. For this reason, we work by appointment so that we can conduct the examination of your items while you wait and watch. We will test, weigh, measure, describe and photograph the appraised items, as well as note their general condition.

Appraisal reports for Insurance, Estate planning or distribution and Liquidation etc. ...

We can provide appraisal reports to help you for a variety of purposes including obtaining or renewing insurance, estate planning or distribution, divorce, donation, liquidation and resale, among other purposes. Our appraisals are performed in compliance with the general standards of the jewelry appraisal profession.

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