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Clare Blatherwick SJVA

Clare Blatherwick FGA DGA M.A. (Hons) is one of the most experienced jewellery professionals in Scotland, offering valuations for a variety of purposes including Insurance, Inheritance Tax and Family Division, at your convenience.

North Berwick JVA Registered Valuer ®


Bringing the convenience of a full valuation service to your office, home or bank to suit your busy schedule ...

Having worked for a decade as Head of Jewellery and Silver for an international auction house as well as in luxury retail, and for a gemstone merchant, Clare is uniquely placed in Scotland to offer her clients the highest quality valuation service. As a recommended valuer for many insurance brokers and major insurers, Clare's work takes her all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Experienced, personable and professional service...

With clients returning year after year, trust, a long term relationship and communication are key. The valuation process will begin with an email or call during which your needs will be established and arrangements will be made to meet at a time, and in a location, that works best for you. Crucially, it is not necessary for you to be parted from your jewellery, unless it is more convenient for you and you chose to be so. Once all of the necessary on site work is carried out (measuring stones to calculate weights, grading diamonds, noting serial numbers, photographing the pieces, etc.) Clare will prepare two copies of the valuation report (one for your records and one for your to forward to your broker or insurer) and can, if it helps, liaise directly with your insurer or broker to provide them with the necessary paperwork and answer any queries they may have, saving you time on your personal administration.

Member of the National Association of Jewellers, Specialist Member of the Jewellery Valuers Association. To find out more about the services Clare offers, please visit her website or call her to discuss.

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tel 07967 380191


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