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JVA takes the Coral Road to Torre del Greco

Our first field trip was an incredible success so we are delighted to be able to offer another unique opportunity to take part in an educational field trip along the 'Coral Road' to Torre del Greco, the historic home of precious coral.

Arriving in Torre del Greco on Monday 8th April, we will meet at Hotel Marad, travel to Circolo Nautico for dinner, watch the sunset and hear about the plans for the intensive three days ahead!

Circolo Nautico
Circolo Nautico

With engaging and interactive theory workshops lead by Rui Galopim de Carvalho, you will learn about the biology and terminology of all the varieties of precious coral, imitations and treatments. Explore the complexities of the CITES appendices in an easy to understand format.

Take a step back in time and discover the historical significance of precious coral and how precious coral has transcended cultures around the world.  

Workshop theory
Interactive, engaging theory based seminars

Under the expert guidance of Enzo Liverino, you will learn how to identify all the various species of precious coral. Enzo will guide you through the quality and value factors using his extensive collection of raw and polished material.

Workshop sampler
Hands-on practical workshops

Experience how coral is polished at the factory, and dive into the most incredible, wondrous, eye-watering world of coral that is Enzo's private coral museum Liverino 1894.

Factory visit
Visit the Liverino 1894 factory


Liverino Museum visit
Visit the largest collection of precious coral in the world at the private museum at Liverino 1894

On the final morning we travel to Naples to visit more museums and have a traditional Napoli Street Restaurant lunch with our hosts... a perfect end to our coralicious experience! 

Museum visits
See the magnificent Treasure of San Gennaro and the wonderful coral sculptures 'To Eusebia' and 'The Freedom of Compassion' by Jan Fabre
Torre del Greco Itinerary
Click the brochure image to download the Itinerary

To read more about our trip in 2023 please visit Rui Galopim de Carvalho's Blog post here