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The Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA) is the only independent body in the UK and Ireland for professional valuers of jewellery, gemstones, watches and silver. You can trust our registered valuers to always act with honesty and integrity.

In addition to some of the most qualified and experienced jewellery, watch and silver valuers across the UK and Ireland, the JVA has trainee valuers, International valuing members, and associated industry and jewellery valuation specialists.

The Jewellery Valuers Association~ professional integrity & a wealth of experience

Prestige and vintage watches are often very complex and require a different approach and skill set; the JVA is proud to be the only professional organisation in the UK and Ireland to recognise the specialist knowledge of its members with Specialist Valuing Categories in Watches, Masonic Regalia and Jewels,  and Whitby Jet. 

Search our JVA database to find an Expert Valuation Specialist near you

JVA Registered Valuers® have a wealth of knowledge and experience which guarantees your jewellery and watch valuations will be carried out to the highest standards.

The JVA membership comprises the finest professional jewellery and watch valuation specialists across the United Kingdom and Ireland

Valuer looking through a loupe

Why can't you just tell me what it's worth?

Ever wondered why a jewellery valuer cannot give you a valuation figure ‘on the spot’, after all that is how it appears to work on the TV!

The reality is, it’s not as simple as this, a wealth of knowledge and expertise, combined with market research and experience have all contributed to the value conclusion.