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Adrian Smith FJVA

Surety Valuations specialise in the appraisal and valuation of diamond jewellery, this documentation is created by Gemmologist and Independent Valuer, Adrian S Smith FGA FJVA.

Perth JVA Registered Valuer ®


Award winning, Independent, Personal service ... 

This award-winning jewellery appraisal practice is truly independent. They do not buy, sell or broker jewellery, gemstones or diamonds. Jewellery valuation services, diamond grading, gemstone identification and other gem testing services are available directly from their office and laboratory in Perth. 

Comfortable, convenient, spacious office ...

Once you have booked your appointment, work will start immediately on the appraisal of your precious items. Typically, you will leave Adrian's office with a report containing a complete appraisal and valuation of your items. 


Spacious office for your convenience

Service also available through some of Scotland's finest Jewellers ...

This business attracts clients from the immediate surrounding areas (Perth, Dundee, Stirling) and nationally. For those not wishing to travel, This Appraiser's services are available via some of Scotland's finest jewellers.


Contact Details

tel 01738 450 477


A very ‘illuminating’ inclusion

A very ‘illuminating’ inclusion

To me, delving into a gemstone through the microscope always feels like being dropped into the ocean in a small submersible craft. I enter another world, full of usually unseen but quite incredible things, each telling its own part of the gemstone's story. 


Onsite Laboratory

Lab-grown diamonds are now in the UK. Mine is the only lab in Scotland that can positively identify lab-grown diamonds in-house, without referring suspect stones to a specialist laboratory